Toyoei Shigeeda

Toyoei Shigeeda - Board of Governor

Toyoei Shigeeda

Curriculum vitae

Name:  Mr. Toyoei Shigeeda (重枝 豊英)
Date of birth: August 1. 1952 in Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Family: Wife and Two Children
Language: Japanese(native), German(excellent), English (very good),
French (medium level), Lithuanian language (basic to medium level)
and Vietnamese (entry-level)

Graduated from Chuo University, Bachelor of Law
1981 Entry into the Foreign Ministry of Japan
1982-1984 Study at the University of Heidelberg in Germany
1984-1993 Duty at Austria (Japanese Embassy) and Japan (the Foreign Ministry
and the Cabinet office in charge of national security of Japan)
1993-1997 Duty at the Japanese Embassy in Switzerland and Egypt
1997 Director of the inspection office of the Foreign Ministry
1997-1999 Director of the division for development of small and medium size
Industries at the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Japan
1999-2001 Counselor in charge of international Climate Change
Negotiation (COP) at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
of Japan
2001 Director of Passport Division of Consular and Immigration Affairs
Department of the Foreign Ministry
2004 Minister at the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International
Organization in Vienna.
2007 Director General of Osaka Prefectural Government
in charge of international cooperation
2009 Consul General of Japan in Frankfurt in Germany
2012 Consul General of Japan in Honolulu in Hawaii, U.S.A.
2015 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to
The Republic of Lithuania
2018 September Retired from the Foreign Service

Current profession and activity:
* Director of the Fukuyama Transport Cooperation of Japan
(Member of the Board of Directors of the company: “Shagai Torisimari Yaku)
* Professor for Special assignment of the Nihon Sports and Science University
* Representative of the HEKATO administrative legal office (to be opened in 2023)
* The Honorary Ambassador of the municipality of Pakruojis of Lithuania
*Giving lectures at the universities and companies as well as
at other organizations
Certification: Qualification for teaching Japanese Language (Nihongo Kyoshi )
Kendo teaching
Hobby(examples): Marathon (already experienced all the 7 big marathon events in Hawaii)
and gymnastic in general, writing, study on history of Japanese immigrants, traveling, communicating with people and golf (subdued interest with low score)
Publication: Book ”Lithuania and Sugihara Chiune” (2022) and contributions of articles
to the Hawaii Pacific Press with title of “Revolution of Baltic countries” (2016) and other articles to the Hawaii Hochi Press.

Other information (awards and so on)
* The award of “Distinguished Public Service” given by the Joint Chief of Staff of the United States of America (2016)
* The Award of “the National Defense System of the Republic of Lithuania” (Medal of Merits for Civilians) (2016)
* The “Kaunas Santaka Award” (given by the City of Kaunas of Lithuania in 2018)