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A team of dedicated individuals supporting the Japanese Cultural Center of Kona (JCCK) is committed to developing a destination on the Island of Hawaii as a gathering place for visitors from around the globe and local residents alike. The Cultural Center will help preserve the Japanese culture and honor our beloved Japanese ISSEI immigrant coffee farmers that left a legacy of developing the world renown Kona coffee.

From the humble beginning in December 2015, a small group of dreamers met to begin the journey to today’s conceptualized masterplan. All funds and in-kind donations gathered to date have been from many supporters who believed in the mission and purposes of the project not to mention the many volunteers involved.

In 2019, JCCK was successful in securing $75,000 from the State of Hawaii Grant-in-Aid funds to develop the masterplan. JCCK is now focusing on securing a parcel of land to accommodate the planned Cultural Center. Fortunately, beautiful Kona has available and affordable properties to select from.

JCCK will always welcome individuals, families, businesses, corporations, foundations, and nonprofit entities for spiritual support, in-kind donations, volunteers and, of course, monetary contributions. JCCK has been working tirelessly to fulfill goals to serve the young and old, boys and girls and people of diversity from around the globe. The Board is optimistic in securing a place in the heart of Kona for everyone to enjoy peace and harmony.

We humbly ask for your support by donating to JCCK. Please make check payable to:

Japanese Cultural Center of Kona
P. O. Box 206
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96745

Please be sure to include your address so we will be able to acknowledge your generous donation.

Or, you may donate online:


JCCK is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Your donation is tax deductible.

The Tax ID number is: 82 2794020.

Taishokoto Performance: January 2020

For any questions please contact:

Steven Kaneko, Treasurer
Email: kaneko676@hotmail.com
Mobile phone: (808) 228-2791